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Maki by Akimori: Terrific Kosher Omakase in South Brooklyn

One of my absolute favorite rainy day activities is going for omakase. Sitting at the sushi bar under warm, glowing lights while the rain pitter-patters outside is a cozy-goals experience I would recommend to anyone. On a rainy, early December evening, I found myself grateful to be sitting at a sushi bar in south Brooklyn - the recently renovated Maki by Akimori. Owned by the Akimori Hospitality Group, Maki by Akimori was opened with the intent to bring high end omakase to the kosher world and does a great deal of catering as well.

At their location in South Brooklyn, Akimori offers 15 and 10 course omakases at $130 and $95, respectively. Beyond traditional omakase, they also offer handroll omakase and maki & nigiri a la carte, making it easy to please even pickier sushi eaters.

I went all out with the 15 course omakase and really enjoyed each of the courses. Since the omakase is kosher there wasn't any shellfish, but you won't miss it at all when you taste the freshness and quality of favorites like akami with white truffle, yellowtail belly with yuzu & jalapeño, melt in your mouth king salmon with earthy, buttery shiitake mushroom, and decadent seared otoro temaki.

I enjoyed chatting with Chef Jerry throughout the meal, and felt super satiated by the time I got to the mochi dessert. The service was excellent and the ambiance was really relaxed which allowed me to enjoy the rainfall while I ate after a long day at work. I've heard it's a much livelier vibe on the weekends and later at night - the restaurant has great space for friends to lounge and enjoy as a group which I'll definitely be back for!

Maki by Akimori is recommended for a date night, friend group outing, or after-work rainy day treat yourself moment ;)


(347)-462-2620 557 KINGS HIGHWAY


Sushi Soulmate Approved!

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